The Unwind

Posted in Cultural Hot List on Nov 27, 2009

I’ve been honored and thrilled to be getting my culture fix with you during Mom Culture Online’s first 8 weeks of interviews. Thank you for being such a great community! For reading, for submitting work for the Gallery, for passing Mom Culture along to friends.

I hope it’s all working for you! Let me know what’s on your mind — you can comment at artist q&a posts, facebook, twitter or email me directly.

Let’s keep growing our community…share, share, share is the mantra!  Trust me, you’ll be doing your friends a favor…everyone can use a dose of creativity to get inspired and energized.spaflowers

This week’s feature is The Unwind, as in: relax, pour a glass or steep a cup and unwind with all the culture that’s been coming your way.  Every so often, we’ll stop and have a chance to cozy up and catch up. Re-read your favorite interviews, spend more time with the art or visit the posts you just didn’t have time for when they first came out.

See you next week with a new artist.  For now, enjoy your cultural “Calgon moments!”

  • Did you see the beautifully haunting photograph this artist made based on a dream he had about his mother? See it here.ricepaddy man
  • This artist worked with everyone from Mikhail Baryshnikov to Claes Oldenburg, and dismissed Michael Graves’ advice. Chances are, you can experience his work in person…see where.
  • Some parents stress over whether or not their kid is eating their spaghetti, others turn that stress into a punk song and wind up in a film. Meet the film maker here.
  • Personally, I’m a tea drinker, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything quite so funny as the “Coffee” song. Meet the singer/songwriter and hear this “love song” now.
  • Your chance to be a voyeur! Spy here.gailmoms5
  • Who needs 52 pieces of luggage? Find out here.
  • An “exquisite corpse?” This artist’s collaboration with one of my favorite new musicians…explore it here.
  • And, most recently, the Sugarplum Fairy visited with Mom Culture. She leaps in here.