Gail Albert Halaban

Posted in Photography on Oct 30, 2009
“For their sanity, they find time for themselves – making them great moms.”  That’s photographer Gail Albert Halaban talking about women she admires.  That’s the kind of permission we all need, right?  Her art is informed by this very compassionate view. Gail is a highly accomplished photographer represented… read more


Posted in Music on Oct 23, 2009
Musician Ellis won! She was awarded the Best Female Singer Songwriter Album of 2009 by one of the world’s largest independent music awards, presented by Just Plain Folks. When you hear her music you’ll get why they picked her. In our conversation, she talks about… read more

Kate Perotti

Posted in Film on Oct 16, 2009
Filmmaker You know that game where you say what you’d be if you could be anything? With the exception of my pre-teen years when I wanted to be Julie McCoy, cruise director on “Love Boat,” my answer has long been “rock star.” And now, along… read more

Christopher Janney

Posted in Music on Oct 09, 2009
artist/composer/architect What do Mikhail Baryshnikov, the 34th St N-R Subway stop in New York and Jack Johnson have in common? An encounter with Christopher Janney’s amazing art! The multi-gifted Janney has composed music from Baryshnikov’s own heartbeat to which the celebrated dancer performed; he created… read more

Eric Melzer

Posted in Photography on Oct 02, 2009
I realize there’s hardly enough time to get through “Star Tracks” in People (and that doesn’t even entail reading), but if you happened to be lucky enough to get through the Travel section of the New York Times back on 4.19.09 you’ll be familiar… read more