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Judy Schachner

Posted in FeaturedVisual ArtsWriting on Apr 15, 2011
Author/Illustrator I really loved it when Judy Schachner, New York Times best-selling author/illustrator, told me “immmersing myself in my girls’ books and dancing in the living room with my kids was the best training for putting my dreams on the table.” Suddenly, I have a… read more

Tom McCarthy

Posted in Film on Mar 20, 2011
DIRECTOR/WRITER/ACTOR The last scene of Tom McCarthy’s new movie Win Win is now one of my favorite last-scenes-in-a-movie of all time. There’s no spoiler alert – I won’t give anything away here or in the q&a where I ask Tom about it. It’s just really… read more

Will Ryman

Posted in Visual Arts on Feb 24, 2011
SCULPTOR The only thing that could make Will Ryman’s “The Roses” any more of a wondrous spectacle would be if Ethel Mermen was standing atop one of them belting out “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.” It’s truly such a sight to stand on New York’s Park… read more

Mickalene Thomas

Posted in Visual Arts on Jan 28, 2011
VISUAL ARTIST How can you not love an artist who manages to make glitter a high art? And rhinestones…no longer just for bedazzling! Mickalene Thomas’ art totally got my attention and, more importantly, the attention of the art world. She has received commissions from the… read more

Alvin Ailey & National ...

Posted in DanceMusicVisual Arts on Jan 16, 2011
In addition to his penetrating words, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s commitment to nonviolence was an essential part of his strength and grace. He said: “Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a… read more

Brian Malarkey

Posted in Culinary Arts on Jan 07, 2011
AWARD-WINNING CHEF/TV PERSONALITY About 3/4 of the way through my conversation with Brian Malarkey, I discovered that he is an expert multi-tasker…I’m talking way beyond standard-issue multi-tasker. At that moment in our conversation, he stopped to exchange a few words with a staff member in… read more

Gift Guide

Posted in Gift Guide on Dec 08, 2010
MOM CULTURE’S GIFT LIST FOR ART- & CULTURE-LOVERS Ok, I couldn’t resist. I know there are no fewer than 236,000 gift guides out there at this time of the year, but I decided to put together an especially Mom Culture-esque list. These are not your… read more

Joy Teiken

Posted in Design on Nov 22, 2010
APPAREL DESIGNER Joy Teiken poured her heart into her first piece, a beret made of a vintage dress. The hat was for her mother, who was dying of breast cancer, to wear at her brother’s wedding. Two weeks later, her mother was buried in that… read more

Ed Burns

Posted in Film on Nov 05, 2010
Writer/Actor/Director/Producer Ed Burns is the poster child of the guy that guys want to be. Talented, down-to-earth, handsome, and the kind of man who seems as comfortable being the shoulder to cry on as he is swilling beers with buddies at a dive. If that… read more

Wendy Mogel

Posted in Writing on Oct 27, 2010
AUTHOR I parent, therefore I self-flagellate (only verbally, of course.) It can sound like this: “Do pretzels and Peeps count as dinner for the kids? I’m such a pushover.” Yes, if there’s one thing I’m certain about in my parenting it’s that I know how… read more

Amir Baradaran

Posted in Visual Arts on Oct 15, 2010
VISUAL AND PERFORMANCE ARTIST So imagine that you’re in a New York City taxi and this (minus the titles) comes on the monitor in the backseat: Jarring? Captivating? Intriguing? Provocative? Yes, yes, yes and yes. This video is a trailer for Amir Baradaran’s Transient, a… read more